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From the moment you appear, it is all my scenery.


If emotions and years can be gently torn up and thrown into the sea, then, I am willing to be silent in the bottom of the sea. Your words, I love to hear, but do not understand, my silence, you would like to see, but do not understand.


Left hand engraved me, right hand write you, heart full of love, when we palm each other, heart to heart, all people will see – I love you!


No money, the same wonderful life; no power, the same life at ease; no profit, the same free and easy life, no potential, happiness will still come. Happiness to grasp, simple is life, simple happiness is the true meaning of life, happiness is simple to live!


You are not the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, but you are the most beautiful existence in my heart.


After a thousand sails, are not my heart love; weak water 3000, only you know I am warm and cold.


Gone meteor, is the heart of Acacia; falling cherry blossom, is like a dream waiting; scattered fireworks, is a romantic witness. I remember the coldest weather in my heart.


Because of love, the spirit of love gave me wings, so I want to fly, want to fly to your side immediately, watch you and guard you all the time.


The eyes are raining for her, but the heart is holding an umbrella for her. This is love.


Run away with me, while the night and love are strong, in the setting sun and twilight.


I am not good at expressing my feelings. However, I think you can understand my feelings and hope that we can become confidants in the future.


He left you a figure of the back, about love did not mention a word, made you cry red eyes.


You ask me how much I love you. I can't answer because you have to tell me how long your life is.


dear! The doctor said I was lovesick. The prescription is as follows: three kisses + lover's tears – drop + eternal love stewed for a lifetime, I think Only you can save me!


The days of acquaintance are like the breeze, blowing gently, leaving traces; the days of acquaintance are like the sun, with a beam of light to warm my heart; the accompanying days are like honey, because they are sweet and greasy, so they are happy. Love me, I love you!


I miss you very much now. As long as you are by my side, I won't feel lonely. The sweet and romantic bits and pieces are all from you, which has become my great happiness. Honey, you are the one in my hand.


The day is cool, the temperature is down; winter is coming, the grass is withered and yellow, pick a red leaf to give you, which is full of missing; give a ray of sunshine to you, containing warm care; short blessing to long lost you, wish you well!


Flowers fall to the ground, scattered into songs, broken hearts, falling into rain.


You and I meet is a fate, we cherish each other this hard won feelings. I hope I can accompany you all my life in the future.


I always miss you when I breathe, so I miss you all the time.


The moon is crooked, and the full moon of Acacia has become a boat; the river is crooked and the gentle feeling is caressing both sides of the river; the path is curved and the scenery of love is seen all over the place; the yearning is tortuous and can not be turned out. Love, warm and romantic!


I want to see you. It's a long way.


If falling in love with you is also a kind of mistake, I firmly believe that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would like to be wrong for a lifetime.


Hi is your love, your joy, you are my you.


You are my forever lover. I hope you will have me by your side every Valentine's day in the future. I don't have romantic words, but I can give you real love.


You are the imagination in my heart, your beautiful features and beautiful eyes follow my little bit of love for you. Your love is sleepless, which makes my smile heart beat, and your trace flow past care about the good moving heart. I miss, I look forward to, I love you, this life, forever!


Cloud light breeze light, free to fly beautiful mood! Poetic and picturesque, love bathed in the sun! Yingying smile, no matter it can be tears aggrieved! Blessing for you, life is full of sweet and warm!


If love you is a task given to me by God, I would like this task to be permanent, it should not have a deadline.


If someone wants me, it's like being embraced by moonlight! You quietly live in my soul castle! We have each other to rely on!


I am a person, full of darkness, and always want to give you a little sunshine.