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Love is a kind of vanity that needs to be proved constantly, just like fireworks need to be lit to see brilliance.


It is said that those who smile with you are either stupid or love you.


Chaos in the world, in addition to you, all the prosperity is the background, this play with life, pay rare, there is this agreement, this love is only meaningful to you and me.


You said that the more you love, the more you care, the more you worry about gain and loss.


I know you've been there, just like I never left.


My heart is a winding stream, which will flow to you in the end.


Later, we were all very good, but the person who lived in his heart was no longer around


One day, walking on the road, my friend said that the song I listened to was so pretentious that I said, "then you must be the one who is loved in your feelings."


We often see the scenery is: a person is always looking up and envious of the happiness of others, a look back, but found that they are looking up and envious. In fact, everyone is happy. Just, your happiness, often in the eyes of others.


Chatting with someone you like is a kind of psychological pleasure.


Met, can't help but let me believe that this is destiny. Dream, just know this deep feeling. Unable to resist, I don't ask for eternal beauty, just ask for you and me in the samsara.


What you remember will never be forgotten. I guard the fairy tale of foam, happiness is just beginning, sadness has long been latent.


A greeting to fill the youth, other people's words are not heard, years of condensation in your sight.


One is a gorgeous short dream, the other is a cruel long reality.


Life with you, sunny; life with you, four seasons warm; life with you, not afraid of danger; life with you, looking forward to forever.


If you love someone too much, you will lose yourself. Although you live in the world, you are still missing.


This life, there is always a person, always with you, but you want to live with him.


Miss you in the dream, a kind of sweetness rippling in the heart; understand you in the smile, taste the happiness; kiss you in the romance, swim in the ocean of love; warm embrace, full of the fragrance of rose; know and stay with you, never give up, let happiness last forever.


Follow me, don't you like it? If you don't like it, I'll follow you.


There must be something wrong with my eyes, because my eyes are always helpless to move away from your side.


Our love is like a tree. Now, this tree has been mothed by insects and began to drop leaves one by one. These leaves are our love. Their veins are so delicate that they were once so touching. However, they are falling leaves.


I'm sad because you can give what I want and you don't.


I have made two mistakes in you. At first, I believed that I would be irreplaceable, and then I mistakenly thought that someone could replace you.


Perhaps, the most beautiful thing is not to retain time, but to retain memory, as the first feeling of acquaintance, even a casual smile, is the story we miss most.


If I were a tear in your eyes, I would slide down your face and fall between your lips, because I want to kiss you so much. If you are a tear in my eyes, I will not cry in this life, because I am afraid of losing you.


Meet you again, but more sad, less like.


Do not want to use words to pull, so choose not to blame.


There is no rehearsal in life. It's live every day.


Every morning I wake up to see you and the sunshine. This is the future I want.


You said you would love me for a lifetime, but didn't say which life.