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If I were a tear in your eyes, I would slide down your face between your lips, because I really want to kiss you! If you are a tear in my eyes, I will not cry this life, because I am afraid of losing you!


I miss you when I'm sad, just as I miss the sun in winter; I miss you when I'm happy, just like I miss the shade under the scorching sun.


There are flowers in front of the window, wine and bread in the room. I can make it. You can come with love.


Until the taste of love quietly left, I was suddenly cheerful, it turned out that it had come to my heart.


The so-called love is that there is such a person, can easily control your mood, the first moment makes you cry, the next moment makes you laugh. The true love is that when we are old, I will still remember the way you made me move.


Holding the hand of a son, sharing with the son; holding the hand of a son, sleeping with the son; holding the hand of a son, living together with the son; holding the hand of a son, what can a husband ask for?

Wish to hold the hand of your son all your life and never look back! Love you forever!


A kind love word, such as warm water, warm into the heart, the flower of happiness will open; a warm eyes, such as waves, surging into the heart, the ocean of happiness boiling; vow to love you for a lifetime, give you a lifetime of gentle, lifelong love!


All the right and wrong have to face alone, tears dripping into the water cup, filled with the bitter taste of medicine, speechless.


I like that kind of dream, in the dream, everything can start afresh, everything can be explained slowly. Filled with happiness, just because you are in front of me, smiling at me, warm and sweet.


If I choose to trust you, I will trust you without reservation, but cheating me once is enough to make me doubt your life, no matter how to make up for it is futile.


I racked my brains to write a poem praising you, but I failed, because even the most beautiful words in the world can't describe your one in ten thousand!


The moon is like water and water is like the sky. Where are the moon watchers? The scenery looks vaguely like last year.


Everyone has a spring eye, constantly gushing out life, vitality and love. If you don't dig ditches for it, it will turn the surrounding land into a swamp.


I like you, from night to dawn, from cold winter to warm spring, from a second to life, endless, reincarnation.


See you next time, I will embrace you with the warmth I have accumulated for many days.


Time is changing, so are people. Some things, no matter how hard we try, we can't go back.


After breaking up, they are only guests who once lived under the same roof. Lovelorn is the only way for everyone.


Like is anxious to determine the relationship, love is to wait for their ability to give her a home.


Pain or not only you know, change not change, only you can understand.


What else do you want? What are you hesitating about? There's only one year left. You don't have to pick and choose, I have such persistent infatuation and vowed to your good people quickly seize it! Love me! Time is running out!


If you can't accept it, you will change; if you can't change, you will leave.


After chasing a boy for a long time, he has not promised. Today, he told me that he likes my best friend. He asked me to help her chase my girlfriend. I agreed and wish him happiness.


From now on, let's go together. We have delicate thoughts together.


I don't allow you to hit me, don't hit me, your hand will be very painful, I am very resistant to fight!


Years of circulation, fleeting years, youth away from us. With my infatuation, to touch the label of love, tossing and turning in your tenderness is my endless love.


I say this is the most beautiful name of the Galan temple, because he sings softly that the stone road reverberates again, and so on.


Others point to your pain and laugh, but you can only laugh foolishly.


The most regretful thing in life is to easily give up what should not be given up, and stubbornly adhere to what should not be.


You have not cried, how can you know when I cry.


The best way to live is to let it go and get out of the dark, and the sun will give you warmth.