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You are the one who cares the most, the one who values the most, the special person, and the one who cherishes the most.


Thank you for finding me in the corner of the world.


Secret love is the wind, like the tsunami, love is the sea, but only people are isolated islands.


Broken love, like broken glass, the tighter the grip, the heavier the injury.

我这一生遇到过很多人,他们如同指间的烟火,忽明忽暗, 最后只沦为一抹灰烬。

I have met a lot of people in my life, they are like fireworks between the fingers, sometimes bright and dark, and finally only reduced to a touch of ashes.


When you reached out to me, I almost thought that I could go with you all my life.


If you don't exist in your heart, why should you keep thinking about it. Best but the rest of your life is only you, the worst is that the rest of your life is memories.


There are no romantic people, only those who don't care about you.


Never forget the person who started with you.


There is no real fool in love, only willing to be a fool.


We've messed up this relationship together, and everyone is to blame.


I like to see the most common scenery with you, because I know that love is in the palm of my hand.


The change of things and people is that you turn the message board from back to front, and those who say that they will accompany you all the time are no longer in touch.


It is said that two people get along for a long time, will reach a kind of inexplicable tacit understanding, for example: you ignore me, I will ignore you.


We can meet so many people in our life. Love or not, you can spend a day, a month, a year together in your life. When it's time to leave, get together and let go. And then, with the next person, another day, another month, another year. No matter who it is, please take it with you when you say goodbye. Life in the world, to be content, to be ordinary, to be grateful, can not be willful again.


Meeting is the last monologue, breaking up is the best helpless, missing is the most cheap dependence, memory is the most beautiful posture.


I come from the wilderness and jungle. You cross me by boat and enter the sea of flowers.


No matter how time goes by, I will never forget the feeling when I love you.


I sent you the rest of my life, but you said the address was unknown.


Everyone in life has a reason. All the mistakes and regrets before are just for meeting the right person.


I may be eating too much salt, idle always miss you.


If you meet such a person, you ride a bicycle to various places on weekends. In the morning, you are called to have breakfast, at night you are urged to go to bed, and you are taken to eat delicious food. He loves you how fat you are. He will take care of you when your relatives come when it is cold, hold your hand tightly when the crowd is crowded, make you laugh when you cry, refuse all ambiguity for you, and only you enter into the colorful world, If you are lucky enough to meet, then cherish it and be ready to spend a lifetime with him.


What do you feel wronged? You are not the only one in the world who loves you. Almost everyone will meet a person who can't get married but loves deeply.


I want to send you the sunshine of the whole summer in winter, just like I am hugging you


The feeling of missing someone is like drinking a big glass of ice water and then turning into tears for a long time.


It's not that you don't want to talk, but you can't say a lot of words. It's safe to put it in your heart.


You are too beautiful, the world is gloomy, I am willing to become a butterfly to accompany you. Every time your smile makes people feel like spring breeze, the little mouth that rises slightly is the most beautiful in the world. As soon as I think of you, your beautiful smile will appear in front of me, which can't be forgotten.


I thought that the bird can't fly through the sea. I thought that the bird didn't have the courage to fly across the sea. Ten years later, I found that it was not the bird that couldn't fly, but the other end of the sea, which had no waiting.


Love is not a game, because we can't afford it. Love, we should pay sincerely and treat each other sincerely. Don't say love, promise, debt. Love is not missing can be found, not tired can be changed. Love a person, do not have to have; but have a person, you must love well. Love is not one person's play, but two people's opponent's play! Women are fickle in their faces, while men are fickle in their hearts.


The warmth in my life is so much, I gave you all, but you left me, you asked me how to laugh at others again.